Virtuoso Travel Week

They call it the fashion week of the travel industry. Ironically as I type this I am taking a break from packing in preparation for my trip next week to Vegas to be part of this year’s Virtuoso Travel Week. The fashion comparison is ironic since I work from home and my wardrobe generally consists of athleisure. Needless to say, I had to do a little bit of shopping to be ready to represent my brand and my clients. 

Virtuoso Travel Week is a global industry event exclusive to those who are a part of the Virtuoso network. On my first day, I will participate in what is called Community Globetrotting. There are a handful of communities within Virtuoso for advisors (and travel partners) who specialize in certain areas. For me, that is sustainable travel, adventure travel, and of course family travel. I will see presentations from partners who also specialize in these fields. This is great because it is these partnerships and relationships that allow me the opportunity to broaden my depth of knowledge and have the first name contact of places I may potentially recommend to my clients. These relationships help to make sure that my clients are well taken care of. 

The biggest time spent will be four days of what my husband teases as “speed dating.” I will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 2,000 travel partners representing hotels, tour operators, tourism boards, airlines, cruise lines, and more. The speed dating reference because these are 10-minute networking opportunities. It is going to be fast. It (I imagine) will be intense. 

The partners will strut their stuff as I hone in on those that have the potential to best suit my client. This is why there is a comparison to fashion week, Virtuoso says, “Think of it like the Fashion Week of travel: Advisors sit front row on the proverbial runway, shopping for travelers. As a result, they know exactly which ship to book for that Mediterranean cruise you want to take next summer, or which Bali hotel fits best with your vacation style.”

I am ready! I have some tricks to manage and maintain notes on meetings that resonate with me and the clients I have and aim to serve. I’m looking forward to building my knowledge and spending time with my fellow travel professionals. 

Is there something specific and unique you are looking for with your next vacation? Send me a message, chances are I’m going to run into the right person, the right company, or the right place to make that dream of yours a reality.  

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