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A transformation is coming.
It’s just beyond the horizon
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At Salt and Sky Travel Designs, we spur growth and strengthen family relationships through the power of transformative travel. Stretch yourself in surprising ways, through safe, immersive travel experiences that reveal all the best your destination has to offer. 

Hi, I'm Jennifer Goff

I founded Salt and Sky Travel Designs to help families embark on soul-touching vacations oriented around discovery. My custom itineraries are for those who want to see the side of the destination that locals love—and open their children’s eyes to all the wonders this world holds. I’m here to show you the hidden gems, the locals’ favorites, and that certain something about a place that makes it so magical.

My Story

My love of immersive travel really began when my husband and I uprooted our two kids and moved them to Oahu, Hawaii. My husband was stationed there for just three years, and I wanted to make sure we made the most of our time. We dove in head first, criss-crossing the islands with our kids in tow. In fact, we were such travel regulars that sometimes our kids would wake up and ask, “Mom, are we going on a plane today?”

And while we took the family to all the big, must-see sights, it’s the more tucked-away places and quiet moments of discovery that really stole our hearts—like the hidden tide pools of a nearly deserted beach that our kids splashed around in for hours, smiles never leaving their faces. 

Savoring these off-the-beaten-path moments redefines what a “family adventure” can really be—and it’s exactly how I want to help your family discover, together. 

Traveling with Kids is Always an Adventure

I’m here to make it the good kind of adventure. The all-smiles kind. The brag-worthy kind of adventure that turns into the best travel story. So leave your next great adventure to me; I’ll use my in-depth research skills and expansive global network of exclusive travel partners to scout out the one-of-a-kind experiences that will change your family, forever. 

Because when you only have 18 summers—18 chances to mold your kids into inquisitive, empathetic, and brave world citizens—you want to make every vacation count. 


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I’m so proud we took this bucket-list trip with the kids. The highlight was taking a glass-bottom boat ride over the Great Barrier Reef—we looked down and saw the colorful reef, fish, and sea turtles right below us!





We visited every island as a family, but we loved the hidden tidal pools on the Big Island especially. It was so fun having a cookout on a picture-perfect, nearly deserted beach!

favorite travel adventures



Costa Rica

Costa Rica was my introduction into adventure travel and it has been like that every time I go back. Whether it is jumping from a waterfall, ziplining, or navigating back roads where the only other vehicle is an ox cart. 

favorite travel adventures




Every once in a while mom and dad need to get away on their own and that was what Fiji was for us. It was utter relaxation. It provided us with quiet moments to reconnect and recharge. 

favorite travel adventures




Just like parents need a getaway, I also believe moms (and dads) need time to get away and build memories with their friends. Singapore was a great girls trip that included some amazing sight seeing and a once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable room upgrade. 

favorite travel adventures

Dive Into Relaxporation

One part adventure plus one part long-overdue replenishing escape, your Salt and Sky itinerary is guaranteed to hit all the right notes for your family. Thrilling excursions and new discoveries await you around every corner, brought to you by our vetted, world-class travel partners and on-the-ground guides.

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