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Dance with the colorful Zulu tribe in South Africa. Toss pizza dough high into the air in a Sicilian chef’s kitchen. Watch your kids catch their first wave while surfing in Hawaii. 

At Salt and Sky Travel Designs, we make the most unforgettable vacation moments happen effortlessly.

Welcome to a new way to travel, explore, and grow, together. 



One part adventure plus one part long-overdue replenishing escape, your Salt and Sky itinerary is guaranteed to hit all the right notes for your family. Thrilling excursions and new discoveries await you around every corner, brought to you by our vetted, world-class travel partners and on-the-ground guides.

But this isn’t an exhausting, always-on-the-go type of trip. Check into luxury properties, lose yourself in pampering spa services, and let go of all the logistical worries—because we’ve got you covered. This is “adventure” made easy. 

The Perfect Balance

Not Your Typical Trip Planning Experience

The hours wasted trying to research your family’s best options—only to end up on hold with a booking agent who couldn’t be more disinterested

The uncertainty over whether what you’ve booked online is what you’ll get in person

The need to be hyper-alert while you travel, as you try to navigate someplace new all on your own

The disappointment (and whining from your kids) when a trip you’ve looked forward to forever just doesn’t live up to expectations

Let all your planning struggles go.

Pack your favorite sunnies-
but leave behind:

The Benefits of a Seamless
Salt and Sky Travel Designs Escape

A tailored-just-to-you itinerary—we’ll take into account your family’s interests, your children’s ages, and your deepest travel dreams to craft a vacation experience that’s as unique as you are

Engaging, immersive excursions led by vetted local guides who show you the sides of their beloved destinations that most other tourists miss

A seamless journey designed with families in mind—we’ll pick flights and layovers that minimize jet lag, advise you on the right car seats and other equipment for your travels, and even help you plan what to pack

Exclusive perks and amenities upon check in, thanks to our luxury travel network—complimentary breakfast, resort credits, and even an upgraded room could be yours


Discover the World, with Salt and Sky Travel Designs



Let's Connect

We’ll first “meet” during your complimentary consultation call. This is our chance to dive deeper into what exactly you’re looking for in your next family escape—so that we can design something custom for you. We’ll also share more about our planning approach, service fee (which varies depending on the complexity of your trip), and answer any questions you may have.

Our signature planning process


Chose Your Itinerary

We’ll get to work designing your itinerary, relying on our exclusive network of trusted travel partners to craft an adventure around your needs and preferences. You’ll receive 1-2 proposals from us, which we’ll then tweak until it perfectly fits your vacation vision!


Book Your Escape

Take a vacation from all the booking hassles—we’ve got you covered. We’ll book and manage every last travel component for you, including your family’s flights, hotel reservations, tours, transfers, and more. 


Prepare and Depart

As your vacation gets closer, we’ll ensure you’re fully prepared by sharing all the destination info you need. When the big day comes, you’ll depart armed with your full itinerary available via a convenient mobile app. You’ll also have our full support while you travel—don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, assistance requests, or fabulous travel photos to share!

We'll design it all -
let's get started!

Ready for your next best family vacation?



Kind Words

from Clients

"My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii. Jennifer knew so much about the unique spots to visit from her time as a resident of Oahu. We saw so many beautiful and magical parts of the island. We dined in an incredible local restaurant and enjoyed a fabulous tasting menu of locally inspired and sourced dishes. We had so much fun exploring the Ko'olau mountains on ATVs. It was such a well-balanced vacation of adventure, culinary delights, and relaxation. 

Melanie W. 

Jenn was amazing to work with. Personal, detailed, and flexible are all words I would use to describe Jenn. We never would have been able to coordinate such a fantastic experience on our own especially when it came to train tickets, dinner reservations, and transfers. She is truly a professional! I look forward to working with her again on another upcoming trip later this year.

Chris Z.

The accommodations picked out by Jennifer were above expectations. Our hotel sites and amenities were beyond amazing. The views were gorgeous and all staff was extremely nice."

Christina S.