Get your heart pumping—and your entire family smiling from ear to ear—on an active adventure that immerses you all in your breathtaking surroundings. Swing through the tree canopy on a zipline excursion, cycle along picturesque river banks, or hike up mystical mountains and mighty volcanoes. Prefer to get your feet wet? Dive into a world of adventure with watersports and ocean excursions like kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, or even shark-cage diving. 

However you want to pump up your journey, we’ll pair you with our vetted tour operators around the world so you can adventure with confidence! Looking for just a taste of adventure? We can tailor your itinerary to include as many or as few active excursions as you’d like. 

Active Adventures

Travel Intrepidly

Discover what makes your destination really tick—and bring the past to life in fascinating ways—on an immersive itinerary filled with eye-opening cultural excursions. Learn about local customs passed down through generations, visit iconic museums with a private guide who knows how to make art interesting no matter your age, and step back in time on expert tours of the world’s most important cultural landmarks. 

Whatever you yearn to discover, we’ll ensure your excursion is truly hands-on—because doing is always better than just seeing! From learning to hula in Hawaii, to rolling tender pasta in Italy, get ready to dive deep on your cultural adventure, led by local experts who can’t wait to share the best of their countries with you.

Immersive Cultural Escapes

Take a Destination Deep Dive

Embark on a bucket-list journey that will touch your heart and leave you changed, forever. Let us design an immersive, transformative safari experience that brings you up close to the amazing wildlife, unforgettable landscapes, and warm, welcoming people of enchanting Africa. 

Spot lions lazing in the grass—or gearing up for a hunt—in the Serengeti, search for silver-back gorillas in the mountain forests of Uganda, or sail past hippos and thirsty elephants in your dugout canoe on the Okavango Delta. Then, come home to your luxury safari lodge, where you get to enjoy all the creature comforts of home—and then some. We work with our trusted safari outfitter partners to create safe safari experiences that awe our clients at every turn. We’d love to do the same for you. 

African Safaris

Soul-Stirring Experiences

Take to the seas for an offbeat adventure full of discoveries and moments of pure travel enchantment. This isn’t your typical cruising experience—expedition cruises take you to some of the most remote landscapes on earth, where you can explore delicate ecosystems and spot one-of-a-kind wildlife. Swim with sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands, spy penguins on ice floats in Antarctica, or marvel at the mysterious Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. 

Expedition cruises are typically much smaller than traditional ocean cruise ships, so you get to enjoy a more intimate sailing experience. Onboard naturalists and experts will tell you all about the amazing wildlife you’ll encounter, while all-inclusive dining and shore excursions makes this an effortless way to adventure together. Let us pair you with the right expedition cruise line, itinerary, and cabin level for an unforgettable family journey! 

Expedition Cruises

Set Sail on Adventure

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