Sustainable Travel Insights from Virtuoso Travel Week

I attended an inspiring presentation from Rose O’Conner Founder, Sustainable Wanderlust, while at Virtuoso Travel Week. She said, “What You Do Proves What You Believe.” If sustainability is important to you (to me) then it should not be an afterthought when it comes to your (my) travel. After my major refocusing after viewing the travel documentary, The Last Tourist, this was further confirmation for me to focus and be intentional. 

She shared that 41% of travelers are looking for sustainable travel guidance. I’m working diligently to educate and expand my own knowledge so that I can be a resource for that 41% (hopefully more as years and awareness continue). 

This education is to align Salt and Sky Travel Designs with purpose-driven travel brands offering:

  • Authentic cultural immersion
  • Eye-opening experiences
  • Personal and societal transformation

There are three pillars of sustainability: 

Environmental: Travel that protects the planet. Environmental sustainability conserves natural heritage and biodiversity. 

Economic: Travel that protects local economies. Economic sustainability ensures the economic benefits of tourism are fairly and equally distributed. 

Cultural Heritage: Travel that preserves cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is respecting and preserving the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities. 

While I was at Virtuoso Travel Week I attend the “by invitation only” Under One Sky Sustainability Luncheon. As a member of the 1000+ advisors in the sustainability community at Virtuoso, I was honored to attend the intimate luncheon. Virtuoso shared data stating that 10% of travelers will always pay more to travel responsibly and 74% would if they knew how the funds are being used. I’m working to ensure that 74% find the right travel partners earnestly working on positive sustainable growth and efforts in travel. 

Virtuoso has a healthy sustainability mission that I am going to adopt as my own for Salt and Sky Travel Designs::

  • Highlight travel companies that champion sustainability
  • Raise awareness of how sustainable travel is transforming the travel industry for good
  • Help travelers make informed decisions so that their trip isn’t just a great vacation, but one that makes a positive impact on the people and places they visit

I’m here for you to turn what you believe (sustainable tourism) into what you do (sustainable travels).

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