Virgin Voyages: Bringing Back the Glam

Virgin Voyages has completely separated itself from the typical cruise industry, and if you aren’t a typical cruiser – that is a good thing.

“Bring back the glam boutique experience of sailing with the luxe experience of a boutique hotel.”

What I love about Virgin Voyages:

No Buffets
There are 20 different eateries on board all making unique food at the time you order it. Also Michelin-starred chefs. By banning buffets they also prevent 225 tons of food waste per ship per year. BOOM! Thought was put into food quality by working with partners like Harpke Family Farms – an urban farm in Miami, that does not use sprays or pesticides and provides responsibly grown food to the ship kitchens.

No Plastic Bottled Water
They’ve banned unnecessary single-use plastics. Eliminating bottled water alone prevents more than 2 million single-use plastics from entering the waste stream annually per ship. There are water refill stations available throughout the ship. Pack your water bottle!

Noteworthy Shore Excursions
I was tickled to see reef restoration, local farmers, local products, and hiking options. There are also options that are unique and only available to Virgin Voyagers. They promote local businesses using local port guides highlighting authentic experiences. No tours are offered that feature captive “swim with” programs.

Cultural Overnights or Late Stays
The reality is that it is difficult to be fully immersed in the local culture when cruising. Being in and out of port doesn’t give too much time. Virgin Voyages has overnights and late stays to give voyagers more time to discover what makes that destination so amazing. 

No Packages $$$
No Internet packages. No drink packages. All tips included. No charge for essential drinks like soda, non-pressed juice, and sparkling water. No charge for group fitness classes (yoga, spin, bungee workouts). Alcohol is reasonably priced and if you pre-purchase a $300 bar tab, they’ll add an additional $50. 

Adults Only
This is a great cruise brand for the 20s, 30s, 40s, and the young at heart (like me).

Two of the more visually cool aspects of Virgin Voyages are the red hammocks and the wearable wrist smart devices. 

Yellow Leaf Hammock is a social enterprise that fosters women’s empowerment in rural Thailand and they produce all the hammocks in Sea Terraces. The Band is a wearable smart device made from ocean plastics. The Band accesses your stateroom and is your form of payment while onboard. The Bands are made of recovered ocean plastic. Two pounds of plastic from marine and coastal environments will be removed with every sailor.

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