Gift Guide: For the luxury traveler with a heart for sustainability

Who is ready to gift-wrap sustainability and luxury this holiday season? From sleek water bottles to plush Turkish towels, sustainable luggage bags to tech-savvy travel cases, I’ve curated the ultimate lineup. Join the responsible travel movement into the world of guilt-free, ocean-loving travel products that make perfect gifts! Let’s embrace eco-consciousness without sacrificing style. Let the festive eco-travel extravaganza begin!

Airpods, charging cables, power banks – where and how do you organize all of your tech accessories when traveling? 

Eco Tech Pouch: Your perfect case for storing all of your technology accessories when traveling. 

With elastic loops inside the pouch you can neatly pack a wireless mouse, an Apple Pencil, wireless earphones, and coiled wires. A discrete zipped pocket is designed for the safekeeping of small valuables like memory cards and a bluetooth tracker. The mesh pockets expand to store all that other tech you carry like a power bank, plugs and wired earphones.

OneNine5 designs eco-conscious goods that help you pack better. Constructed from a range of natural fibres, cruelty-free materials and recycled plastics. For 15% off, click here.

You will find the Check-In Closet Lite from Solgaard under my tree this year. (Thank you Santa!) You too can save the oceans, one bag at a time. Solgaard makes premium, sustainable gear made of 100% recycled plastics. Every purchase prevents 6 pounds of ocean-bound plastic. 

The real drawl is the award-winning built-in shelving system that makes packing, organization and unpacking a breeze.

Airplanes can be chilly. How about a Sand Cloud Turkish Towel that can also be a blanket or headrest. They obviously are great for the beach with an organic cotton sand-resistant weave but you can also roll it tightly for hiking backpacks for waterfall dips or a picnic blanket (also a flat fold makes it easy to slip in an suitcase). Sand Cloud Turkish Towel sends 10% of its sales to marine conservation, but its towels are hand-loomed in ethical factories in Turkey. 

What is the one thing the practically everyone has? A phone. Most people use phone cases because they want to protect their phones from damage (especially if you’re an adventure traveler). Pela Cases are compostable phone cases not only designed to protect phones but reduce waste. A staggering 1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away each year and it can take up to 1000 years for plastic to break down. Pela Cases offer a beautiful designs with a mission. To learn more about what makes a Pela Case different, click here

I never leave home without a water bottle which means I certainly never travel without one. The sound of those crinkly plastic water bottles is like nails to a chalkboard. My go-to for years has been Hydroflask. With the stainless steel bottles I’ve been able to keep soup hot on a train trip and water ice cold. Metal is a preferred material for durability and plastic bottles can slowly leach synthetic particles into your water, especially on a warm day (gross). More and more airports and hotels are providing water stations to help reduce the use of single-use plastics, so be sure to stuff a stocking with one for your on-the-go traveler.

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