Big Five – Travel For The 5%

When you hear Big Five it may conjure up Africa and the reference to the big five animals people wish to see when visiting (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and African buffalo). In this case, I am referencing one of my amazing travel partners. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Carol from Big Five and talk about all things authentic in travel experiences and how to deliver clients the path less traveled. 

What I enjoy most about Big Five is their approach to travel aligns perfectly with the approach of Salt and Sky and what we want to provide for our clients. That is the off-the-beaten-path experiences, providing those unique opportunities to touch, taste, feel, learn and live the things that make a destination special. 

“Indeed, probably 95% of travelers are still being funneled into the same molds, whether they are private clients or mass market. At Big Five, we have deliberately chosen to look after the 5% who share our philosophy, where the most valued asset has nothing to do with price. Of course, there are classic sights that will nearly always be included.”

Big Five is on average two years or more ahead of the pack when it comes to new and innovative travel ideas. They focus on lesser-known unique touring activities and emerging concepts that are not yet mainstream. Sure you want to hit those “must-see” experiences but what makes your vacation a memorable adventure is those rare opportunities that many do not get to experience. 

With a focus on family adventure travel, I also loved that Carol shared that 30% of their business is families. This tells me they have the experience to address the unique needs of children in travel. In crafting these journeys, they select the best options in touring that put children first such as the number and length of flights on any specific day, the number of hours spent driving between destinations, the flexibility available in meal options, availability of specialized children’s programs, activities, guides, and more.

Going on vacation with your children when they are young is one of the greatest and potentially most powerful gifts you can ever give them.

Think about your high-end bucket list travel destinations, are any of these on your list? Do you want to know if this experience is right for you:

  • You’d like to go to Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia, or New Zealand
  • You want five-star accommodations
  • You’d like to travel for no less than five days
  • You demand authentic, unique travel experiences

Want to tell a better travel story, check out this video. 

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