Your Celtic Story

Did you know that 10.8% of the US population can claim Irish ancestry? My maiden name is O’Neal. For years I fancied myself an Irish girl. It wasn’t until my aunt started doing some genealogy work that she learned our O’Neal is actually Scottish and not Irish. Bummer? Not really, it just means I don’t have a “reason” to “celebrate” on St. Patrick’s Day but who needs a reason really? Cheers!

Discovering your roots gives you a better sense of place, a stronger legacy, a deeper appreciation for family, and a greater understanding of the culture that lives in you, no matter where you are in the world.

Visiting Ireland and Scotland are definitely bucket-list destinations. If it is on your bucket list I can create custom and self-guided itineraries to help you retrace your ancestor’s footsteps and connect you with local genealogists to deepen their journey.

Even if you don’t have a Celtic background you will easily be romanced by the lush green rolling hills, rugged seaside cliffs, and windswept rock formations. Ireland is great for road trips, hiking, castle exploration, delicious seafood, and libations (Guinness or whiskey anyone?). 

Scotland also has impressive dramatic landscapes. Did you know that you can ski in Scotland? If skiing isn’t your thing, how about fishing or golfing? Playing a round at St Andrews would be an enviable experience. 

In just eight days you can go coast to coast in Ireland visiting Dublin, Shannon, Killarney, and Kilkenny. Another eight-day route can take you to Dublin, Enniscrone, Galway, Killarney, and Kilkenny. So many options that can be tailored to your specific interests and travel style. 

As a special note if you travel in September this year you will have access to additional discounts. 

As they say, “May the road rise up to meet you…”

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